The web browser version of the demo above may not run on mobile devices and is missing the final cutscene which is available in the downloadable versions of the demo for PC/Mac.

Zach & the Soggy Resume is a silly point and click  adventure game about not disappointing your fish. 


We've released the first scene of our game as a short demo for everyone to play. The rest of the game is currently in development so please keep in mind that the final length of the game has not been determined and may be on the shorter side. 

We are are a small 2 person team working on Zach and the Soggy Resume when time permits, so if you enjoy our work and want to support our game dev journey, you can donate when you download the demo scene and follow our progress:

Mastodon  |  Pixelfed  |  PeerTube  |  Email

If you download the demo and something isn't working, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for your support!


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Zach and the Soggy Resume - MAC Demo 60 MB
Zach and the Soggy Resume - Windows Demo 51 MB
Zach and the Soggy Resume - Linux Demo 64 MB

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